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The images below (or the underlined name of the saint) link to detailed pages on the

most important saints venerated in Todi.

Five Patron Saints

This sarcophagus in the crypt of San Fortunato contains the relics of St Fortunatus (see below) and four other saints who are described in the page on the patron saints of Todi (to which this photograph of the sarcophagus is linked):
  1. St Cassian (13th August);

  2. St Romana (23rd February);

  3. St Digna (11th August); and

  4. St Callistus (14th August). 

SS Felicissimus, Heraclius and Paulinus (26th May)

These martyrs are recorded in the early martyrologies as having been martyred in“Tuder Tusciae”.  They are traditionally said to have been buried in Santo Stefano, just outside Porta Fratta, and might have been among the 23 bodies recovered there in 1766.

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St Fortunatus (14th October)

St Fortunatus, bishop of Todi, is described as the defender of the city at the time of the Gothic Wars (6th century).  He is by far the most important of the five patron saints of Todi.

St Martin I (13th April)

Pope Martin I (649–653) was born in what is now Pian di San Martino, outside Todi, but nothing is known about him before he began his career in Rome.  He fell foul of the Emperor Constans II and was sent for trial in Byzantium.  He was exiled to the Crimea and died there as a result of his harsh treatment.

Blessed Jacopone da Todi  (25th December)

Blessed Jacapone was a Spiritual Franciscan who joined the rebellion against Pope Boniface VIII in 1297.  He was imprisoned and excommunicated, but rehabilitated after Boniface VIII died in 1303.  He is largely remembered for the carol Stabat Mater Dolorosa, which he wrote shortly before his death in 1306.  He is still revered in Todi, but the cult has never received papal confirmation.

St Philip Benizi (23rd August)

St Philip Benizi became the General Superior of the Servite Order in 1267.  He established the Servite convent of San Marco al Borgo (later San Francesco al Borgo) in 1282 and died there in 1285.  The church of  San Filippo Benizi was dedicated to him in 1599, when his relics were translated there from San Marco.

Blessed Roger of Todi (5th January)

St Francis received the Blessed Roger of Todi into the Order in 1216.  He established a community of Poor Clares at Montesanto in 1235, and was buried in what became the Cappella Gregoriana of San Fortunato in 1236.  His relics were recently translated to the Convento di Montesanto.

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St Terentian (1st September)

St Terentian is venerated as the first bishop of Todi.  His relics were stole in 1260, but his empty sarcophagus (illustrated here) survives in the church at San Terenziano, outside Todi that is dedicated to him.

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