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Art in Nocera Umbra

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Images below link to pages on the most important artists with works in or from Nocera Umbra

Matteo da Gualdo (died 1507)

From Gualdo Tadino

Works in Nocera Umbra that are attributed to Matteo da Gualdo include:

  1. an altarpiece (1490s) depicting the Immaculate Virgin above a scene of the meeting of Joachim and Anna at the Golden Gate (illustrated here), which came from the Cappella dell’ Immacolata Concezione of the Duomo and is now in the Pinacoteca (in San Francesco); and

  2. a number of frescoes in San Francesco, including one dated 1497 and another dated 1498.

Nicolò di Liberatore, l' Alunno (1430-1502)

From Foligno

Nicolò di Liberatore was perhaps the most important participant in the vibrant artistic milieu of Foligno in the 15th century.  [More]

Guglielmo Calderini (1837-1916)

From Perugia

Guglielmo Calderini was an influential architect in the newly-united Italy after 1860.  He designed the college (1879) of Nocera Umbra.