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Blessed Charles Liviero (30th May)

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Charles Liviero was born in Vicenza in 1866 and was ordained as a priest in 1888.  He was bishop of Città di Castello from 1910 until his death in a road accident in 1932.

Charles Liviero opposed the secular anti-clerical faction in the city and was known as the martello del socialismo” (hammer of socialism).  He was very much concerned with the welfare and social needs of his parishioners.

During his time as bishop, Charles Liviero revitalised the Diocesan Seminary.  In 1910, he set up a primary school.  After the First World War, he established a new order of nuns, the Piccole Ancelle del Sacro Cuore, which was approved by Pope Benedict XV in 1916.  The new order was to be instrumental in effecting the social policies of the bishop.

In 1920, the Blessed Charles Liviero acquired ex-Palazzo Tini and had it restored and adapted for use as the Pensionata Sacro Cuore, a school for poor children.  The nuns administered this institution until the Second World War.  (The nuns still own the palace, which houses the Istituto Sacro Cuore (their headquarters in Città di Castello) and an adjacent old people’s home.  They also run a primary school in nearby Pomerio San Girolamo).  He established a cinema for children in the ex-church of Sant’ Egidio in 1931.  In the same year, he established a school for the cathedral choir (Schola Cantorum Antonio Maria Abbatini).

Pope Benedict XVI beatified Charles Liviero in 2007.