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SSIT runs bus services to Bevagna from Foligno and Montefalco. 

The festival of the Mercato delle Gaite, which is held in June, involves medieval banquets and processions and contests between inhabitants of the four gaite (quarters):

  1. San Giorgio (SS Domenico e Giacomo);

  2. San Giovanni (San Francesco);

  3. San Pietro ( a church that was documented until the 15th century, probably near Sant’ Agostino); and

  4. Santa Maria (Santa Maria Filiorum Comitis).


In June 2017, I had a most enjoyable stay at the Residenza di Porta Guelfa, just outside the city walls.

Other hotels in Bevagna include:

  1. Palazzo Brunamonti; and

  2. the impressively refurbished Orto degli Angeli.


During my stay in June, 2017, I enjoyed meals at:

  1. Redibus, 3 Via del Teatro Romano (0742 362 120), the restaurant of Hotel Orto degli Angeli (above), in the unique atmosphere of the Roman theatre;

  2. Trattoria di Oscar, 2 Piazza del Cirone (0742 361 107);

  3. Osteria Antiiche Sere, 10 Piazza Garibaldi  (0742 361 938);

  4. Ristorante Osteria del Podestà, 67 Corso Matteotti (0742 360 222);

  5. Ristorante Ottavius, 1 Via del Gonfalone (0742 360 555) with a lovely outdoor terrace.

Good places for lunch include:

  1. Tavernetta di Porta Guelf, 2 Via Raggiolo  (333 430 0722);

  2. La Bottega di Assu, 102 Corso Matteotti (0742 360 978); and

  3. Enoteca degli Ostinati , 32 Corso Matteotti (0742 361 097).

I expect that Hostaria Miccheletto (1, Largo Antonio Gramsci) is also good for lunch, but I only tried it for an early evening Spritz, which came with unexpected nibbles and pleasant service - all very civilised.


Bevagna is one of the important areas for the production of wine from the Sagrantino grape.  The local wine cellars are listed in the website of the Associazione Strada del Sagrantino.

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