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Abbazia di San Crispolto

The Abbazia di San Crispolto is just before Passaggio, some 3 km to the north east of Bettona on the road to Assisi.  However, the abbey is private property and not open to the public; the lovely apse and the crypt underneath survive but the complex is surrounded by mature trees that make them difficult to see from the road.

Ipogeo di Colle

The Ipogeo di Colle is about 2 km from Bettona, beside the road to Perugia. 

Via della Sorgente

Inscriptions of the Sexti Valerii (early 1st century AD)

The inscribed plinth of a funerary monument that commemorated two members of the member of the Sexti Valerii family was found here in 1996 and is now in the Museo Archeologico, Perugia.  Each of the commemorative inscriptions inscriptions recorded that the decurioni (magistrates of the municipium) had paid for the funeral.
  1. The first inscription (AE 1996 635a) commemorates Sextus Valerius Capitoni, son of Sextus, who had been: a military tribune; pontifex (municipal priest of the imperial cult); and aedile.     

  2. The second inscription (AE 1996, 635b) reads:



                                            IIVIRO PONTIFICI

                                                 PR. ETRVRIAE

                                    FVNVS ET LOCVS SEPVLTV

                                        RAE D.D. PVBLIC. DATVS

  1. It commemorates Sextus Valerius Proculus, son of Sextus, who had been: duovir; pontifex (municipal priest of the imperial cult); and praetor Etruriae.   (Another inscription that seems to relate this individual was found in the Ipogeo di Colle).  

The monument is now in the Museo Archeologico, Perugia.

To be constructed

Sant’ Antonio da Padova  [Directions to the Convento di Sant’ Antonio da Padova.] 

Torre del Molinaccio (14th century)

Villa Boccagline (18th century)

Abbazia di San Quirico  (The abbey was built using Roman remains on Via del Torrente Sambro).

Sant’ Onofrio (Cappuchins; cemetery church)

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